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Why implement an MES System?

All Food and Bev manufacturers share a common goal: which is quality-while being cost effective and efficient as possible. By relentlessly pursuing this goal, Food and Bev manufacturers seek to satisfy existing customers and win new ones, while avoiding the costly and damaging reputation consequences of repeated field failures and product recalls.

Orbis MES enables manufacturers to effectively manage rapid growth while improving both their production processes and the quality of their products.

Here at Orbis MES we feel we have created a premier manufacturing performance and analytics solution having built 20 years’ experience working with key companies within the Food and Beverage industry.  Through our track record and team of expertise we have developed a powerful user friendly and graphically rich suite of OPS applications which combine information and analytics, thus leading to manufacturing process optimisation.




Reach your goals through the Orbis OPS Solution

Our Orbis OPS™ Solution will help your manufacturing company within the Food and Beverage industry make the breakthrough from average performance to repeatable and

Our Orbis OPS Solution will help your Manufacturing Company within the food and Beverage industry make the breakthrough from average performance to repeatable and sustainable excellence.

What differentiates us from our competitors is that our OPS solution can be deployed in a modular, scalable and incremental manner depending on your requirements.

What differentiates us from other competitors is that we are not just an off the shelf solution. Our OPS solution can be deployed in a modular,

scalable and incremental manner depending on

We listen to your needs and align our solution with your ambitions and business goals, producing an MES solution that can help you drive towards zero loss manufacturing.


Make the leap to excellence by taking the next steps.

Some of the biggest Companies in the Dairy, Brewing and Distilling Industries rely on our expertise to help them make the transition to excellence.

If you would like to find out more on Orbis MES and our solutions and how we could help you, please email us at We are always looking to help, and have team of experts on hand to answer any queries you may have.