Operator Logs are the first step towards automation of the production process. They replace paper based logs with on-line data entry.

Logs can be created for all data entry processes in the plant and can be a combination of both manual and automated data.

Operator Logs provide the following benefits:

  • Easy transition from paper-based to paperless operator logs.
  • Ability to replicate your current templates to provide excel look, feel and capability.
  • New logs can be created in-house.
  • Data is stored in a centralized database for ease of retrieval and reporting on historical data.
  • Ability to assign access rights and conduct audit trail of user input.
  • Ability to colour-code data that does not meet or exceeds required attribute value.
  • Ability to run reports, visualization graphics and trends on the data.
  • Periodic inputs can be configured e.g. hourly, daily inputs.
  • Certain cells can be locked to prevent changes.
  • Data can be imported and exported to and from the logs.