Orbis MES Ltd. has collaborated with a number of international dairy processors to develop industry specific manufacturing analytic solutions.
Our customers include Glanbia Ireland and US, Dairygold, Muller, South West Cheese and Dean Foods.

Our solution, Orbis OPS™, helps dairies combine operational excellence with quality and sustainability – OPS™ tracks the flow of product through the dairy process from milk intake to finished product to enable full traceability.
Our Mass Balance Application will help you track and account for energy and yield losses.

In process and packaging, OPS™ OEE measures the performance of your manufacturing equipment and promotes zero loss operations, helping you to limit down-time and to optimize the performance of your systems.

Brewing and Distilling

We have a long history of engagement and extensive experience with the Beverage Industry. Orbis MES Ltd. provides OPS™ software solutions for operation and performance analytics in breweries, distilleries and drinks companies.
Our customers include Guinness, Baileys, Captain Morgan Distillery, New Belgium Brewery and Britvic.

Our OPS™ product helps breweries and distilleries to combine operational excellence with quality and sustainability.
OPS tracks the flow of product through the brewing process from grain to bottle and enables batch quality track and trace.
It also tracks and accounts for energy and extract losses in the production line.

In packaging OPS OEE measures line-performance and promotes zero loss operations. Visual Factory provides graphical representation of batch processes.

Benefits of Orbis OPS™

Track Production from Raw Ingredient to Finished Product

Track and Trace will help you to track production from raw ingredients to finished product giving you the ability to trace quality parameters within the batch. Yield Management combines with Mass balance to account for all product losses within the process.

Improve Product Quality and Enhance Compliance

Seamless integration with your LIMS Solution will support your quality initiatives and provide you with the tools to monitor production quality and enhance compliance.

Share Critical Data and Reports

Visualization tools provide you with the capability to share manufacturing data in the form of multi-layer graphics and reports. This operational intelligence is critical to inform the decision makers in your organization.

Create efficiencies – adopt Paperless Office

The data logs that we produce will eliminate the requirement for keeping multiple and disparate spreadsheets and will enable you to set up a paperless office where you operators can log key production attributes and visualize the process in real-time.

Integrate with Business Systems

We will deliver key metrics for input to your Financial Systems to improve your inventory management process, to optimise your distribution process and to ensure you have visibility of the bottom line.

Make the Breakthrough to Zero Loss Manufacturing

We will support you to eliminate losses within your production process to make the breakthrough from average performance to achieve repeatable and predictable excellence.

Improve Performance

We will help you identify downtime and under-performance in your production line, misconfiguration of utilities, and wastage in your supply chain.

Optimize Operations

Our Real-time data engine will provide you with immediate updates on the operation of your manufacturing line enabling you to make business decision faster – determine optimum production schedules including utilization of equipment, resources and utilities.


With information to hand in real-time you can rapidly innovate and make changes to your operations.