MES Systems are the Future in the Food and Beverage Sector

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Being a Manufacturer within the F&B Industry is not an easy thing by any means, especially in today’s competitive environment. For instance Margins continue to shrink and regulations are being tightened on a continuous basis.

A big challenge Manufacturers face here is the lack of access to reliable visible data in their manufacturing process. The need for better and more rigid data is becoming an essential part of the Industry.  Companies must now understand the need for this reliable data, better visibility of data and usable metrics which all needs to be presented on a real time basis. While an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning ) can house some of this data they really lack the power and functionality to deliver this data and information to the shop floor, which is vital to address the plant issues.

MES (Manufacturing Execution System)

This is where the importance of an MES comes into play. The MES makes all the difference linking everything together bridging the gap between your plant operations and shop floor. It tracks everything thing from raw material intake right through to the finished product. This data is then fed back into the production process and presented to you at a higher level eg graphical representations.
The deployment of MES can help you the manufacturers to use capabilities you were not even aware off, and then to better allocate these resources – with the aim of promoting lean manufacturing and driving towards zero loss manufacturing.


Now 2017 is the perfect time to invest in your future by deploying an MES. Over the years Orbis MES has become a key player in the manufacturing process within the F&B Industry. At the end of the day it is only data unless you use it. Data collection is not the difficult part; organizing the data in a way that makes it useful to manufacturers is. This is where the Orbis MES solution have helped companies drive towards zero loss manufacturing. We feel we have created the most sophisticated MES solution specialized for the F&B industry.  The Orbis Solution Presents data at an intelligent level, in real time, and more importantly only presenting the necessary data to the different users within the organisation.

Using this data in the right way can lead to a more productive, effective, sustainable and efficient manufacturing process. Make the right choice and see how Orbis can lead you into a more sustainable future. To request a demo or discuss manufacturing analytics further please email us at