Orbis MES can help Food and Beverage Manufacturers reduce costs.

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Today’s Food and Bev Companies should really consider implementing an MES. Why? To reduce the cost of the goods (COGs) they do sell. These manufacturers operate in a high-volume, low-margin industry where finding small inefficiencies is important.  Maximizing production is the key and by producing less scrap, utilizing less labour, and running machines more efficiently, you can achieve significant savings.

We already know the marketplace is very challenging for food and beverage manufacturer’s which complicates cost reduction efforts and makes OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) even more critical. But yet there is still a majority of food and beverage companies that have some sort of manual downtime or OEE collection system.

Since the system is in place is not automated it’s not providing root cause data in a real-time manner that plant personnel can act on. Instead, it’s offering more of a history lesson and which means personnel can only react to the information, rather than use it in an effective and proactive way. This is less then optimal and Manufacturing Plants unknown to themselves are operating nowhere their full potential.


Make the Breakthrough!

This is where we can help you maximise your manufacturing while reducing your overall costs. With our system in place you will see a quick return on your investment along with a low total cost of ownership. Our MES acts as a preventing tool, allowing you to see manufacturing operations in near real time.


Orbis OPS is a powerful suite of applications that allow manufacturers in the Food and Beverage industry to improve the production, efficiency, performance and profitability of their organisation. We provide decision makers with the information and tools in near real time, to make more informed decisions.  For example our suite of applications allow users to “drill-down” through the production hierarchy to identify bottlenecks to production, inhibitors to quality, and perform root cause analysis.

OPS™ aggregates and consolidates Process, Production, Quality, Utilities, Maintenance and Performance data from the shop floor and presents this data to a broad based community of users via a site portal to facilitate right first time decisions and zero loss operations. OPS™ will track the flow of product through the process – it will help to identify sub-optimal operations to increase output and make production more efficient.


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If you have any questions or want to discuss manufacturing analytics with a member of our team of experts, please email us at info@orbismes.com