MES Systems and MES Historian enable you to manage and interpret the vast quantities of data generated by your manufacturing process. MES tracks output from raw material to finished product, it allows you to visualize your plant operations on charts and dashboards. It provides you with the operational intelligence to make better decision faster, thereby optimizing performance.

MES supplies you with workflow, information, intelligence and plant to ERP integration.

Orbis has been using MES systems since the 1980s to close the gap between automation systems on the plant floor and ERP systems at the business level.

Today Orbis MES Ltd. focuses on the information and integration piece of the triangle. Our experience is that access to Manufacturing Analytics is key to driving lean and sustainable manufacturing.

We have developed Orbis OPS which compliments the MES Layer with a suite of applications that we have designed and developed to enable you to gain maximum benefit from your underlying MES.

Orbis OPS will allow you to track productivity, to compare batches, to automate logs, and to monitor and manage yield. Our OPS solution will deliver multi-level reporting capability, enable a leaner more efficient production environment reducing losses and increasing productivity.

We partner with the leading providers of MES systems to provide MES functionality to you.

Our OPS Application suite compliments and augments the MES data with key quality metrics from your LIMS and SCADA systems. Our solution also integrates manual entry data to provide you with an enhanced graphical solution to track your production and to optimize your process.

Manufacturing Intelligence using Orbis MES and MS Azure

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