OPS™ monitors and records the flow of product through the Production Process from raw material intake to the dispatch of finished product. OPS™ provides a single repository database from which all information and analytics are derived. The database aggregates the rich data set available through the SCADA-PLC, LIMS, and MMS layers into a single repository. This means that there is a single version of the truth and the operator, supervisor and manager can base their critical decisions on a consistent and reliable data source. OPS comprises a suite of applications that can be deployed in a modular and incremental basis. These applications operate on the OPS data store to help identify how process, quality, and productivity improvements can be achieved, and revenues increased through optimisation. The OPS™ solution is a fully integrated solution providing integration to ERP and LIMS systems, Utilities and PLC’s enabling 360¤ visibility of productivity and performance.

OPS Applications:

  • Visual Factory
    • Real-time Visualisation of Plant and Process using Mimics, Trends and Event Logging. Visual Factory extends the real-time capability of SCADA systems beyond the operators to the supervisor and plant manager providing a read only view and trend analysis of process parameters.
  • Paperless Factory
    • Paperless Factory allows companies to remove paper and excel based logs and reports and replace them with on-line equivalents using a spreadsheet metaphor. Electronic signatures and audit trailing is supported.
  • Track & Trace
    • Track & Trace provides Batch Records conforming to 21CFR Part 11. Traceability is based on the transfers recorded between Batch Units. Trace Trees, Trace flows and Trace reports provide full product genealogy from raw materials to finished product.
  • Analytics
    • Analytics comprises Dashboards and Reports.
  • OEE
    • The OPS OEE module will enable you to make more efficient use of your manufacturing assets; to maximize availability and performance and improve quality.
  • Yield
    • Yield Losses are recorded as quality losses and can be investigated to determine root cause. Yield can be combined with KPI’s to determine performance against target and to inform operator actions.
  • Mass Balance
    • Mass Balance provides you with the capability to monitor and manage your yield – to identify wastage and the source of loss within the process.
  • KPI’s
    • The KPI Module manages and tracks performance metrics against the targets you have set for production outputs and quality goals.

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