Get your Manufacturing Intelligence on the Cloud.
Easy and Intuitive.

Orbis OPS and MS Azure provides you with
Enterprise-wide Manufacturing Analytics for multi-site comparison.

OPSTM Advanced Suite of Applications for MES

Orbis MES Ltd. specialise in the supply of Manufacturing Intelligence Systems combining Information and Analytics for the Food and Beverage Industry. Orbis MES have built deep domain experience over 20 years. Our expertise lies in the application of Manufacturing Intelligence Systems for process optimisation in Dairy, Brewing and Distilling through long term collaboration with industry leaders.
Orbis promotes the principle of Zero Loss Manufacturing to target the shadow factory within your production process. Our Goal is to help you eliminate production losses and increase productivity.

Our Software, OPS™ is designed to enable Lean Manufacturing by providing companies with process optimisation capability and unique insight into their operating losses. Our Manufacturing Analytics Suite will empower you to make critical production and operational decisions.

Orbis OPS™ enables Food and Beverage companies to make the breakthrough from average performance to repeatable and sustainable excellence.

OPSTM Applications

OPS™ is a complimentary suite of applications that will provide you with a powerful Manufacturing Analytics Solution to monitor your Operations. The OPS™ Application Suite maximises the value of the rich data set available within the MES, Scada and LIMS systems.

OPS™ aggregates and consolidates Process, Production, Quality, Utilities, Maintenance and Performance data from the shop floor and presents this data to a broad based community of users via a site portal to facilitate right first time decisions and zero loss operations. OPS™ will track the flow of product through the process – it will help to identify sub-optimal operations to increase output and make production more efficient.

OPS™ is a key layer of infrastructure in the step change of your business to repeatable and predictable world class excellence.

OPS™ can can be deployed in a modular, scalable and incremental manner depending on your requirements. We also provide a cloud based solution for smaller deployments based on Microsoft SQL Server 2012.