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Orbis MES

Make More. Waste Less.

By providing real-time data intelligence from raw ingredient to final product, Orbis MES maximizes profitability for food and beverage plant operations.


Real-time data enables the highest-possible yields


Systematic utility usage monitoring helps reduce utility consumption


Central KPI platform reduces time-consuming data gathering


Pinpoint and resolve issues throughout the manufacturing process quickly

“When you start measuring things in real-time and displaying them for everybody to see, you get a natural boost in productivity due to friendly competition. In addition, you take the subjectivity out of how you manage your business and processes.”

Joe Brien

Six Sigma Process Technologies, Glanbia ​

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Orbis MES: Make More,
Waste Less


Top 17 Questions About Orbis MES


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increase in OEE and yield, potentially gaining millions


reduction in waste and costly losses


increase in productivity, also reducing stress


boost in quality, getting it right the first time

Orbis MES increases profitability by enabling data integration and synchronization across all manufacturing operations.

Visual Factory

Identify historical trends by generating graphics and other visuals of plant KPIs

Track & Trace

Improve your manufacturing process by tracking everything from raw ingredient to finished product


Improve operational efficiency by assessing the performance and efficiency of your critical assets

Mass Balance, Yield, & Loss

Identify sources of waste with clear visibility to factors that impact yield


Stay ahead of potential problems by identifying your most impactful KPIs and activating automatic alerts


Gain additional visibility to your performance with dashboards and periodic reports

Paperless Factory

Create paperless forms from existing Excel sheets for faster alerts to potential issues

Orbis MES

Enable real-time plant intelligence from raw ingredient to final product with Orbis MES.

If you’re looking for a way to reduce waste, improve data visibility, support sustainability, and minimize downtime at your plant, you’ve found it. Comprised of an MES and one-of-a-kind OPS Applications, Orbis MES is uniquely capable of addressing the most pressing issues in your food and beverage plant.

The MES component of Orbis tracks output from raw material to finished product, while also enabling you to visualize your plant operations on charts and dashboards.

Additionally, Orbis’ one-of-a-kind OPS Applications allow you to clearly quantify productivity, compare batches, automate logs, monitor and manage yield, and more, quickly resulting in a more efficient production environment that wastes less and makes more.

proven results

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5 Steps to a Better Batch with Data
This eBook details how brewers and distillers can use their manufacturing data to improve the profitability of their operations throughout the grain-to-glass process.

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Press Release

Orbis MES and Valley Queen Cheese
Valley Queen Cheese, a modern, high-quality cheese, whey and other dairy product manufacturer, selected Orbis as its MES solution.


Make More, Waste Less
By providing real-time data intelligence from raw ingredient to final product, Orbis MES maximizes profitability and sustainability for food and beverage plant operations.

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