The OPS Analytics module presents multi-level dashboards to the key stakeholders in the Production Process. The dashboards are designed to provide a snapshot of performance across the key functions of the site. They will provide you with an update on current production status and adherence to KPI’s. The OPS dashboards have been designed in collaboration with our customers and display the status of the critical metrics of interest to the site manager, plant manager, supervisor and operator.

Analytics includes standard and customized reports that can be generated either dynamically or on a scheduled basis.

Dashboards & Reports

  • Dashboard hierarchy model to display data at multiple levels of granularity.
  • Plant manager, supervisor and operator dashboards address varying levels of detail.
  • Easy to configure and can be pre-configured for immediate display.
  • Dynamic on the fly reporting.
  • A comprehensive Manufacturing dashboard incorporating key metrics including site production, stocks, yield, OEE, Utilities, Incidents.